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The connection between your general health and your confidence is one of the most discussed links when it comes to wellbeing. However, your dental health could make a huge difference when it comes to your everyday health confidence. There are many things you need to consider when it comes to improving your dental health in order to bolster your confidence, but just incorporating a few of these into your daily routine, you could become instantly more confident with your health. Here are all the reasons why your dental health could be impacting your mental health. 

Smile Shyness

The main way your dental health could affect your confidence is through your smile. Smiling and laughing are necessities when it comes to confidence and good mental health. However, if your teeth are in a state where you feel like you can’t smile in front of people, this could be significantly impacting your confidence. However, by taking steps to improve your smile, this could bolster your self-reliance. Here are 3 key reasons why people are unsatisfied with their smile, and the steps you can take to mitigate this. 

Gaps In Your Teeth 

One of the main reasons why people feel shy about their smile is if they have gaps in their teeth. Many things can cause gaps in teeth, such as sports accidents, and needing to have teeth removed due to dental disease and decay. If you want to make your gaps less noticeable, you should consider getting dental implants. Researchers on dental implants in Cheltenham found that patients were significantly more confident and happy 6 months following the procedure, and felt like they could smile and laugh in public. If you suffer with gaps in your teeth, you should definitely consider getting dental implants. 

Discoloured Teeth 

Discoloured or yellowing teeth are incredibly common, and can be caused by a myriad of factors. Mainly, the discoloration of teeth can be caused by drinking beverages such as tea and coffee, or eating a lot of dark coloured foods. However, there is also a genetic component to developing discoloured teeth. However, investing in teeth whitening is one of the best things you can do for your smile confidence. Make sure that you go to a professional, as home tooth whitening kits can cause damage to your teeth. If you’re considering getting teeth whitening, make sure you see your dentist and choose the best option for your teeth. 

Poor Dental Hygiene 

Another big reason some people feel shy about showing their teeth in public is because they have poor dental hygiene. Plaque buildup can significantly impact how your teeth look, and make you feel apprehensive about laughing or smiling in public. However, your dentist can help you reclaim your confidence with dental hygienist treatments. A leading dentist in Solihull found patients who regularly had a scale and polish felt happier than patients who did not. If you suffer from plaque buildup or other dental hygiene issues, make sure to schedule an appointment with your practice’s hygienist. This is not only good for the appearance of your teeth, but can help you avoid dental issues such as gingivitis. 

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