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Are you planning a vacation soon? Whether your destination is an all-inclusive in the tropics or a cozy ski lodge, the skin on your face will need special attention. In this guide, we reveal our best travel skincare tips to help you look your best throughout your stay.

Prevent blemishes in flight

Don’t let imperfections ruin your stay! The dry air of the plane can also force oily skin to produce excess sebum. To prevent blemishes from appearing after the flight, travel without makeup, avoid frequent touching of your face and, upon exiting the plane, rid your skin of accumulated impurities with a cleanser or a complete purifying ritual based on gentle ingredients that do not dry out the skin

Seal in moisture before peeling off

About half of the air you breathe on an airplane comes from outside. And since the air at altitude contains much less moisture than the air you breathe on the ground, it’s completely normal to feel dryness in your nose, throat and skin

Prevent the blow by applying a powerful serum before takeoff. Look for naturally-derived ingredients like peptides that help replenish skin’s moisture barrier, glycerin that helps seal in moisture, and phytoglycogen that provides long-lasting hydration. By providing an extra dose of hydration to your skin, serums will also help you combat the dryness associated with sun exposure.

Stock up on nutrients

Holidays are often an opportunity to enjoy good hearty meals. But don’t just think about your stomach: well-nourished skin is radiant healthy skin!

Throughout your journey, be sure to use a cream formulated with nourishing ingredients like shea butter rich in vitamins A, E and F and antioxidants like stabilized vitamin C which evens skin tone and revives radiance.

Do you tend to have dry skin? Give it even more nutrients and good fats by adding an argan oil dry oil to your routine. With that, your selfies will be successful, I promise.

Whether you’re planning on lounging at the beach, cruising the streets of a big city, or hurtling down snow-capped mountains, your skincare routine while traveling should definitely include sunscreen for the face. Absolutely. In addition to protecting the skin from sunburn, a good sunscreen helps prevent skin aging and skin cancer.

For optimal protection, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen – that is, one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays – and formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, the safest mineral filter according to the EWG. Apply it after your cream, but under your makeup about 20 minutes before sun exposure and repeat every two hours

Did you know that exposure to UV rays is greater at altitude than at sea level. And this is even more true in winter, as the snow reflects up to 80% of the rays 2 !

Bring lip balm to embrace the unexpected!

The big forgotten skincare ritual when traveling: lip balm! However, since your lips are covered in a super-thin layer of skin, they burn and dry out particularly easily. And who wants to match their beautiful holiday outfits with chapped lips? Person. Make sure you have a lip balm with sun protection formulated with ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and castor oil in

Think simple and small

How to keep your skin care ritual while traveling without carrying a complete pharmacy in your suitcase? By opting for miniature facial care sticks that fit perfectly in a hand luggage. Solid, with no worrying ingredients, and offered in mini biodegradable cardboard tubes, they’re super easy to carry around and apply (even in an airport bathroom).

Tips for Quickly Drying Your Skincare While Traveling

When time is of the essence and you have a plane to catch soon after using your bar treatment in the shower, these quick drying tips will come in handy! Always travel with a washcloth or small towel to keep your bars dry on the go.

Before putting your skincare products back in their case or travel bag, let them dry for an hour by laying them flat on the mitt or towel after your shower.

Are you short of time? Gently dab excess water on your bars, let them air dry for as long as possible, then store them away. Even better: bring a bamboo soap dishnatural and biodegradable that quickly wicks away moisture and extends the life of the bars.

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