The world of dental health may seem complex. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. As a general dentist, I’ll shed some light on tooth fillings. We’ll go beyond the basics. We’ll dive deeper into their significance, different types, and the procedure involved. Know that an Orlando implant specialist can handle this procedure skillfully and efficiently, ensuring a healthy and beautiful smile. Stick with me – understanding tooth fillings is easier than you think!

Why Tooth Fillings are Significant

Tooth fillings are more than a patch on a hole. They protect the teeth. They stop the spread of decay. They keep your teeth working as they should. Without them, a minor tooth problem can turn major.

The Different Types of Tooth Fillings

Not all tooth fillings are the same. They differ in material and cost. Here’s a quick look:

Amalgam Mixture of metals Low
Composite Resin composite Medium
Gold Gold High

The Procedure of Tooth Fillings

Getting a tooth filling isn’t a mystery. The dentist cleans the tooth. They put in the filling. They shape it to fit your bite. Simple, right?

How an Orlando Implant Specialist Fits In

The world of dental health is broad. An Orlando implant specialist can provide tooth fillings. But their expertise goes beyond that. They can replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Now you know more about tooth fillings. You understand their importance. You know the different types. And you know the procedure. Remember, when it comes to dental health, knowledge is power.

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